Firing up Texas Nanotech engines

Steering Committee

Executive Committee

Go to our website and get sizzling hot pobierz na telefon. Hurry up to go and start winning. NAC Executive Committee formed of elected members of the Steering Committee develops and formulates the strategic roadmap of NAC that will provide a detailed understanding of the Texas assets as well as assess in each region of Texas landscape its competitive position to further the development and commercialization of nanotechnology. The strategic roadmap will encompass:

a) an inventory and assessments of nanotechnology assets and activities in the different regions of Texas and identify specific areas of opportunity to further nanotechnology application developments;
b) an assessment of the top opportunities for strategic alliances based upon a competitive analysis, market potential and leveraging its region assets; and
c) the development of an operational plan for possible strategic alliances at local, national and international level including the identification of participants, gaps to be addressed, key activities, timelines and if possible funding opportunities.

Portal Management Committee

Educational Programs Committee

Nanotechnology Risk and Safety Committee

a. Create a framework with conditions for disseminating information related to responsible handling of nanoparticles
b. Guide interested parties to the availability of scientific and methodological instruments to recognize and prevent possible harmful effects of nanomaterials
c. Promote a public dialogue with respect to risks of nanotechnology

International Collaboration Committee

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Committee

Create a network of competence that will result in durable structure to support an efficient productive system for innovation in the different fields of nanotechnology. This network of competence will provide the necessary information to innovators and entrepreneurs how to identify a platform on which their innovation project can be implemented with the most varied constellation of partners with a distinct thematic focus.